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USG Easy, the app that makes freelancing easy

You’re looking for security and continuity as a freelancer. Fast access to the available projects in your field. USG Professionals makes it easy for you. Take control of your career. Download the USG Easy app, enter your expertise and tell us when you’re available.


USG Easy, your digital sidekick

Found the perfect freelance assignment? USG Professionals is standing by to make things easy for you.

  • Manage your own calendar and timesheets.

  • See your invoices paid promptly.

  • Stay up to speed on the latest networking events.

USG Easy by USG Professionals

Download USG Easy and take control of your career.
More than 200 freelancers are already using it.


USG Professionals accelerates your career

Every day our recruiters show their dedication to long-term go-ahead projects at leading companies. Your skills can make the difference in various industries. We provide professional support and invest in your expertise.

Our projects make the difference

Our projects make the difference

Managing change. Restructuring a whole business unit. Challenges that your talent and know-how are perfectly suited to.

Work for leading companies

Work for leading companies

You can pick from various specialisations at leading companies. The ideal way to broaden and deepen your skills.

Progressively digital

Progressively digital

We are there for you 24/7. Our innovative approach and digital process ensure we can respond fast.

USG Easy

Download the USG Easy app, enter your expertise and availabilities and take full control of your career.