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Every day we deploy more than 200 freelancers and interim managers on long-term innovative projects at leading companies. Implementing change processes, restructuring departments and business units - you harness your talents and solid expertise to help companies steer change in the right direction.

  • Talent Management

  • Legal Management

  • Crisis Management

  • Change Management

  • Finance Management

  • Research & Production Management

  • Business Transformation

  • Digitalisation & ICT

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Kris Somers

“After many years in the corporate world I was ready for a new challenge. Thanks to USG Professionals’ out-of-the-box thinking I came into contact with a new disruptor on the legal market and I was able to start at a company that shares my values.”

Kris Somers
Legal expert
Katrien Guedens

“If you want to take your career in a new direction as a freelancer and you’re looking for a new assignment, you find yourself on a volatile market of supply and demand. USG Professionals gave me very good guidance in my quest: the right woman in the right place at the right time...”

Katrien Guedens
Freelance Business Analyst
Adriaan Bastien

“I began my career at USG Professionals as a consultant. I now work for them as a freelancer. The recruiters know their markets, so you can be sure of a pleasant, professional experience. The timesheet administration goes smoothly, based on handy tools, which lightens the load for me.”

Adriaan Bastien
Freelance Integration Architect