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Start to Freelance

Open the door to a successful freelance career with USG Professionals.

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Open the door.

Become a freelancer and boost your career.

Working for yourself always entails a risk. Doing your own paperwork and finding your first assignments and projects can be challenging. We understand that here at USG. That’s why we hold our Start to Freelance training sessions for people like you. With our help, you’ll soon find the freedom you’re looking for.

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Is Start to Freelance something for you?

Our training sessions help young professionals take the first steps in a successful freelance career.
 Are you the ideal freelancer?

You’re in your twenties or thirties, with a few years’ experience on your CV.

You’ve often wondered whether you should go freelance, but you’ve never dared take the leap.

You want to work on the projects that appeal to you at leading companies.

Your field is ICT, Engineering, Science, Finance, Legal, HR, or Facility.

You want to raise your profile in a growing freelance community.

Sound about right?

What we can offer you

Get onboard the Start to Freelance express.

Start to Freelance comprises two training sessions in which you learn the ins and outs of freelancing. If, after the first session, you’re still not totally sure you’re cut out for freelancing, you can get to work on your first project ahead of the second session.

Step 1

In the first training session we go into the basics of freelancing:

  • finding clients. Finding and joining top projects.
  • Building your online and offline network.
  • Positioning yourself with regard to other experts.
  • The pros and cons of a permanent freelance contract.

Not working out? Everybody wins.

If you’re not entirely convinced after the first session, no worries! You’ll still be on the USG payroll and you’ll join our Expert Program. That will ensure you focus on your career, without stress or risk. If you do feel it’s right for you, you’re ready for the next step.

Step 2

In the second training session we delve into some practical challenges:

  • How to set your rate.
  • How to negotiate your fee.
  • How to keep your skills and knowhow up to date.
  • Advice and support in the company formation process.

“With Start to Freelance I didn’t have to worry about finding work. I’ve already completed two successful projects. I’m really glad I made the leap.”

Thomas Leyts - Freelancer